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Sweetfeet Shoes is back!!!!

Almost exactly nine years ago I launched Sweetfeet Shoes as an online shop to sell Crocs Shoes. Back then not many people had heard about these strange looking shoes with holes in. "Weird" was quite a common word we heard. "Hideous" another, but after a while, as the word spread, the tune changed to "amazing", "fun" "practical" and "I must have a pair in every colour".

A lot of water has passed under the bridge here at Staverton since then, and, it was having a chat with my friend and web designer genius friend Sam, who has been with me since the beginning first time round, we talking about how nice it would be find another product we could sell online, that we had such fun with, as Crocs, and simultaneously we both said "That would be Crocs then!"

So here we are, older, maybe a little bit wiser, but still died in the wool Crocs fans.

There are quite a few new styles of Crocs that are available now, and there is no way we could possible stock all of them in every size and colour, but as time moves on we will stocking as much of the range as demand dictates, plus we will be able to offer nearly the whole of the Crocs catalogue that is available, to order. If there is anything that you are interested in that we are not listing, please get in touch and we will quote you, if it is in production.