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Just In! - Drew Barrymore's range of Crocs!

Yes, really! The lovely and charming Drew Barrymore has put her loving touch on a range of Crocs, and we have them in stock now for you to own and love. First there was ET, then a steady rise up the Hollywood road of fame, to kicking ass in Charlie's Angels, and now, the summit of it all: Crocs! See...

  • September 14, 2017
  • Alex Sampson

Get ready for winter

Some time since my last post, but in case anyone would think it has gone all quiet on the Sweetfeet Shoes front, you would be completely wrong. When I took the decision to re-launch the business, I thought I would take some time to take stock of how the whole world of selling shoes on the internet has advanced, and...

  • July 23, 2015
  • Alex Sampson

Tripped over wearing a pair of old worn out crocs?

Have you fallen on your backside recently? wearing a pair of Crocs?This is not because Crocs are particularly slippery, in fact quite the opposite, they have exceptional grip. No, it is because your shoes have WORN OUT and you need to replace them.You can’t hold on to them for ever, so time to bite the bullet, give your old pair...