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Choosing the Right Sports Shoes

While no one is going to guarantee that a new pair of sports trainers will make you the next Usain Bolt, it’s true that having the right pair of training shoes will make a difference to your overall performance. Our new range of Vibram Five Finger shoes are revolutionising the way we enjoy sports.

Let’s examine what you should be looking for in your sports shoes.

Choosing the Right Sports Shoes

Why Is Wearing the Right Sports Shoes Important?

As we all know, taking part in sports and regular exercise is important to stay healthy. The NHS recommends adults undertake 150 minutes of moderate activity a week as well as strengthening exercises in order to stay fit and ward off serious health problems, such as obesity, heart disease and dementia.

When exercising, you’re putting your body through unusual stress. Whether it’s prolonged periods of jogging, fast-paced running, mountain climbing, or a racquet sport like tennis or squash, the movements and actions are unlike anything else you do in daily life.

Having the right shoes that support your feet properly, allow comfortable movement, and promote good balance will:

  1. Improve your performance
  2. Increase your enjoyment
  3. Help prevent injury.


Support Your Feet and Body

For sports trainers, particularly running shoes, midsole support is one of the most important factors. As the name suggests, this is the support of the middle part of your foot – between the heel and toes. Having proper support in this area lessens the impact on the ball and heel of the foot, and can reduce stress injuries like tendonitis and shin splints.

The right arch support will also help your sporting posture, which in turn can reduce stress on your knee and hip joints, further reducing post-workout pain and soreness.


Allow Comfortable Movement

When exercising, you should make sure your feet and ankles are supported but able to move freely without uncomfortable constrictions. For this reason, you need to make sure your new sports trainers fit properly.

Choosing the right footwear based on the sport you enjoy is an important factor. Most people will look for running shoes that are lightweight and flexible, whereas if you are a keen tennis player you’ll need footwear that is designed to support your ankles for your stop-and-go and side-to-side actions.

It’s recommended to fit new sports shoes in the afternoon when your feet are usually slightly larger than in the morning, and while wearing sports socks so you don’t buy a pair that are too small. Sports shoes that pinch and rub will increase the likelihood of developing common issues, like blisters, corns and callouses.


Aid Your Balance

Choosing sports shoes that improve your balance and grip will enable you to enjoy your activities without the worry of slipping or falling due to your choice of footwear. Having trainers or running shoes with rubber soles that grip will give you peace of mind to perform at your best.

By improving your comfort and support during sports, you are more likely to see improvement in your performance and better recovery afterwards, which, let’s face it, is more likely to help us stay focused and keep on exercising!

Our new Vibram Five Fingers range is the perfect shoe for running and sporting activities. Their unique design cocoons each toe, so you can grip the floor beneath you like never before.

The lightweight design and technologically advanced materials make for a sports shoe like no other. Call into our Totnes shop or buy online today to see how our Vibram range can revolutionise your sporting performance.

  • April 15, 2019
  • Alex Sampson