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Crocs - Colourful and Comfortable!

Crocs are a little bit like Marmite: you either love them or hate them! These divisive shoes have won over millions of customers since their first bright and colourful break onto the scene back in 2002 – despite being listed as one of the worst 50 inventions by Time magazine in 2010!

Whether it’s their comfort, terrific range of colours, or their intriguing collaborations, there are numerous reasons why we love our range of Crocs.


A Bit of History on Crocs

Crocs was founded in 2002 by three American guys. The shoes were initially designed as a boating shoe, thanks to their non-slip sole and the fact they float – great for unexpected boating mishaps!

After their impressive initial success, the founders developed Croslite foam material, which ensures a light and comfortable fitting. They also expanded the range from the original clog design to incorporate a range of clogs, sandals and trainers for men, women and children.

Crocs’ founders have three core values: accessibility, affordability and comfort. Now selling in over 90 countries and at consistently great prices, they are definitely hitting two out of three goals. And as for comfort, we think they’re spot-on – but don’t take our word for it; try them for yourself.

Why We Love Crocs

There are many reasons why Crocs are a great buy. Here are just a few reasons why we love them so much.

  1. Comfort: Designed to mould to the shape of your foot with their special foam material – Croslite – wide toe box and arch support, Crocs are recommended by some podiatrists. They’re particularly good for people with foot problems such as toe deformities or diabetes and those with walking difficulties, as they are lightweight yet more protective than other sandal designs. There has been no serious medical research into their benefits though, so make sure you visit a doctor or podiatrist if you’re having problems with your feet. 
  1. Personality: With a myriad of colours to choose between and a range of styles from the original clog design to the more recent flip flops and trainers, Crocs certainly have heaps of personality. Choose your favourite shoe, then personalise them with the addition of Jibbitz charms (sold separately). No longer just a boating shoe or what your embarrassing uncle wears to the beach, these shoes are becoming a firm favourite across the globe. 
  1. Designer styles: Crocs has produced a range of collaborations with global superstars. We are proud to be a supplier of the collaboration with Drew Barrymore, which includes some great modern designs for women and children. 
  1. Great for all the family: Being lightweight with a supportive sole and non-slip base, Crocs make the perfect shoes for the little ones in your family. Whether they’re taking their first steps or running circles around you, wearing Crocs means a comfortable day out – no tantrums or tired feet from being hot and sticky inside a normal pair of shoes. Just make sure you keep an eye on any wear and tear and learn from our mistakes!

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes to see you through summer or want to replace an old, comfy friend, look no further than our great range of Crocs. They’re some of our favourite shoes here are Sweetfeet, and we’re sure you’ll love them too.

  • July 09, 2019
  • Alex Sampson