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Get ready for winter

Some time since my last post, but in case anyone would think it has gone all quiet on the Sweetfeet Shoes front, you would be completely wrong.

When I took the decision to re-launch the business, I thought I would take some time to take stock of how the whole world of selling shoes on the internet has advanced, and even in the past few years the whole scene has changed, in particular the technology that makes the whole process work has become so much easier to use, and in many cases cheaper.

For example, back in 2007, I spent thousands having a live stock control system produced so we could ensure that everything we had for sale on the website, was in fact, in physical stock on the warehouse. With our new system, all I do is tick a button and the platform on which the new site is held keeps track of the stock for me. Doesn't work 100% of the time, but near enough..

So the point of all this rambling is really to let you know that Sweetfeet Shoes is open for business!

Little bit low on some stock, but we are starting to receive our Autumn/Winter stock, and, if anyone wants to have some existing stock, then here is a little 20% OFF voucher: Just type BLOG 20 into the appropriate box when you come to check out. (offer lasts until September 30 2017)

Anyway. Back to shoes.

We had an exceptional response to the release of Crocs Spring/Summer range earlier this year, and it has really vindicated Crocs move from casual 'unisex' styles to a clear definition between male and female styles.

In particular the Swiftwater Sandals, in various colours have been a great success, as have the Santa Cruz loafers for men.

Other brands have also proven great movers, none more so than the Hey Dude range. These carry many of the attributes of the Crocs range, such as comfort, lightness and practicality, with an understated cool look.

The trainer styles from Mustang have been very popular, in particular the shiny, gold colour.

I am just in process of photographing and listing the Autumn/Winter Mustang stock, which has literally just arrived.

More of these in the next post......

We have lots of new products in the pipeline, plus other initiatives which we hope you will find engaging, and even rewarding!

  • September 15, 2017
  • Alex Sampson