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How to Keep Your New Shoes Smelling Fresh

While everyone loves the look and feel of a new pair of shoes, sometimes that fresh smell doesn’t last as long as we’d like. Here’s a guide to keeping your new shoes from Sweetfeet Shoes smelling…well…sweet!

How to Keep Your New Shoes Smelling Fresh


What Causes Shoes to Smell?

Foot odour is a common problem that will affect most people at some stage of life. It’s caused by bacteria on the skin breaking down the sweat our feet naturally produce. Having particularly sweaty feet is more common among adolescents and pregnant women, as changes in hormones can play a major part in the problem.

Feet have the most sweat glands per inch of skin than anywhere else on the body – a whopping 250,000 on a pair of feet! It’s our natural way to keep the hard-working skin on our feet soft, supple and moisturised. But leaving your feet unwashed can cause foot odour, and putting smelly feet into shoes only has one outcome – smelly shoes.

How to Avoid Smelly Shoes

While there isn’t necessarily anything you can do to stop your feet sweating, you can take sensible steps to keep your new shoes smelling fresh.

Keep your new shoes smelling fresh with the tips in our guide:

1. Keep your feet clean

It goes without saying that clean feet will be less smelly than unclean feet, so wash and dry your feet thoroughly before putting your new shoes on, even if your feet don’t feel sweaty or smell.

2. Wear breathable socks

Always wear socks with enclosed shoes. Choosing socks made of a natural fibre, such as cotton or wool, will help wick away the sweat from your skin and your shoes.

3. Buy shoes of a breathable material

Just like socks, buying shoes made of leather with natural fibre linings can help your feet to breathe and will reduce how sweaty your feet become. Saying that, some plastic shoes like our great range of Crocs can easily be washed to avoid lingering odours.

4. Deodorising insoles

Popping a pair of deodorising insoles into your new shoes will protect the sole of the shoe from excessive sweating, so can be a great idea for use in particularly warm weather.

5. Let your shoes dry out

We’ve all been caught out in a surprise rain shower or underestimated the depth of a puddle. Unfortunately, wet shoes and sweaty feet are a match made in bacteria heaven. After such incidents, it’s important to make sure your shoes are thoroughly dried before you wear them again.

Putting them immediately next to a heat source is a bad idea and can cause the shoe material to crack, so leave them in an open, airy room to naturally dry out. Similarly, if you’ve been wearing shoes on a particularly warm day and they feel moist from sweat, do the same thing. And don’t wear them again until they’re completely dry.

6. Use a foot powder

If you suffer from sweaty and odorous feet, a medical condition known as Bromodosis, you can ask a pharmacist for advice on choosing a foot powder or spray to help keep your feet deodorised and dry. Some treatments are anti-fungal so will help if you’re also suffering from athlete’s foot, and most can also be sprinkled or sprayed inside socks and shoes to start the day deodorised and fresh.

7. Buy more shoes!

It is advised not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, so they have time to naturally air and deodorise between wears. While this isn’t particularly helpful advice if you’re talking about the shoes you wear every day to work, the simple answer is that once you’ve found a pair of shoes you love – buy another pair! Alternate wearing the shoes and they will smell fresh for much longer.

At Sweetfeet Shoes, we love our customers leaving with a smile on their face and a pair of fresh new shoes in their hands. Follow these tips for keeping your shoes fresh for longer and get the most out of our fantastic footwear!

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  • March 15, 2019
  • Alex Sampson