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Shoes with style and comfort!

Whether for work or play, choosing a new pair of shoes shouldn’t have to mean a decision of either style or comfort. Here at Sweetfeet Shoes, we believe you should – and can – have both!

Shoes with style and comfort

How Shoes Impact Our Foot Health

The College of Podiatry has calculated that in an average lifetime we walk 100,000 miles, so it’s only fair that our footwear choices are going to have a huge impact on our foot health. Common problems arising from ill-fitting or unsupportive shoes include:

  • Blisters: A common problem, especially with new shoes, blisters are fluid-filled sores that can be the result of wearing shoes that are too tight or simply the wrong shape for your foot. Non-breathable fabrics can also make your feet sweat more, which increases the likelihood of forming blisters.
  • Foot pain: Plantar fasciitis is the technical term for foot pain in the tissues that run along the sole of your feet. This can be caused by a lack of arch support in the sole of your shoes
  • In-growing toenails: Can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight across the toe-box – the front of the shoe. By pressing your toes together, shoes that are too narrow or shallow will increase your chances of developing painful in-growing toenails.
  • Corns and calluses: Areas of hard, painful skin can build up on your toes, heels or the balls of your feet due to repetitive rubbing and friction from ill-fitting or badly made shoes. Shoes that are too big, too small, or with poorly located or finished stitching and seams can all result in corns or calluses.


How Can Your Footwear Affect Your Overall Health?

While foot issues arising from bad footwear choices aren’t that surprising, you may not have considered how footwear affects your health as a whole. Ever wondered why, after a long day at work, your knees and hips are sore? Or maybe you suffer from a bad back, or even neck pain. Wearing shoes that are unsupportive, uncomfortable or force your body into an unnatural position can all affect your posture, leading to joint and muscle pain throughout your body.

Shoe Types to Avoid – for the Sake of Your Health!

High Heels

Wearing high heels for prolonged periods is perhaps an obvious place to start, with research showing that heels can have lasting effects on a person’s gait, leading to knee, hip and spine problems and balance issues. It has even been argued that wearing high heels can lead to damage to vocal cords, due to shallow breathing forced upon the wearer due to the postural effect of standing in high heels.

Flat Shoes

Shoes that have completely flat soles offer your feet no support. Fashionable styles such as ballet pumps, flip-flops and even some types of canvas trainers can result in the aforementioned Plantar Fasciitis, spine misalignment, and joint pain due to a lack of shock absorption from thin soles.

What Style of Shoes Should You Buy?

Shoes that have supportive soles – ones that will mould to the shape of your feet are even better – will make you stand taller, straighter and walk all day with ease. Shoes with a man-made sole material and breathable, natural upper are ideal to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature and, with our distinctly wet climate, waterproof finishes are even better!

Here at Sweetfeet Shoes, we have the absolute best solution for your feet. We source the best, most comfortable, supportive and stylish shoes available and ship them straight to your door (although we are here in our Totnes shop too!).

You shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and style – so don’t!

Crocs, Anatomic and Emu are just a few of the brands we stock, so check out our amazing footwear range and keep your feet – and whole body – healthy!

  • February 15, 2019
  • Alex Sampson