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Treat Your Feet with Caprice Shoes

The good people at Caprice know a thing or two about designing shoes. They’ve been doing it with precision and attention to detail since 1990. Based in the town of Pirmasens – the centre of the German shoemaking industry – they have plenty of knowledge and inspiration to draw from.

The results are stylish and practical shoes made with the finest quality leather. But that’s not all. Caprice has worked hard to come up with some very special innovations, so your new shoes will look good AND feel great as well.   

Give Your Feet a Treat with Caprice Shoes

Luxurious Comfort with Air Bubble Insoles

Caprice packs its insoles with hundreds of tiny air bubbles, so you’re literally walking on air. This is super comfy, as your feet are constantly cushioned and massaged as you walk. What’s more, this will stop your feet from getting tired too quickly

All of which is very good news when you consider how much time we spend on our feet. If you’ve ever wondered what ‘having a spring in your step’ is really like – this is it!

All-Day Freshness with Temperature Control

These little air bubbles also attract moisture and encourage constant air circulation as you walk. This helps to keep everything fresh and at just the right temperature, which is handy as a pair of feet releases half a pint of moisture a day!

Avoid Painful Problems

Efficient temperature control isn’t just about comfort. Clammy feet can lead to uncomfortable consequences. Damp, warm environments encourage bacteria, and the likely results are painful conditions such as athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. And, obviously, things can get a wee bit pungent as well! 

Excellent Shock Absorption

Caprice’s unique Antishokk technology in the heel provides further comfort and support. As you walk, the heel flexes and dips with the movement, which allows it to absorb some of the force from every foot strike.

Protect Your Feet

This helps to alleviate the impact on the joints, ligaments and soft tissues in the feet. There are an awful lot of these and they take a constant pounding, so this is a very good thing indeed.

Look After Your Feet – You’ll Be Doing Your Back a Favour

Poorly fitting shoes can lead to all sorts of problems. If your footwear isn’t just right it’ll cause pressure and discomfort. You’ll automatically adjust your gait to compensate and you probably won’t even be aware of doing it.

This may seem quite minor, but you’re really not doing yourself a favour by continuing to wear uncomfortable shoes just because they look good. If you’re not walking or standing correctly, it’ll affect your posture and this is often how hip, back and shoulder problems occur.

Caprice – Thoughtful Design

You can be sure that Caprice has your good health in mind, which is why so much thought has gone into the design of their shoes. Of course, problems can still arise, but this is far less likely if your shoes have been made with care and precision.

Caprice sneakers and slip ons

Give Your Feet a Treat

Our Caprice range of sneakers and slip ons offer an exceptional blend of casual comfort and enviable style. The chic neutral colours and subtle sparkles complement a whole range of looks. Whether indulging in a spot of retail therapy or lunching with friends, there’s a Caprice shoe to fit the occasion.  

The only problem is which one to chose, but don’t let that put you off! Pop into Sweetfeet Shoes and try them all or browse our online store and order online. We’re only too happy to help.

  • June 20, 2019
  • Alex Sampson