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About Sweetfeet Shoes - Devon Shoe Shop

Back at the beginning of 2005, a couple of characters walked into my office, above Barclays in the high street, here in Totnes, and shoved this very strange plastic shoe in my face.

At the time these guys had the concession for Crocs in the UK, and they wanted me to help them set up a website to sell these funny looking shoes direct to the public, as they had seen how well online sales were doing in their country of origin, the United States.

As I had just set up my own online marketing company this looked like a fantastic opportunity to start an online business, so I leapt at the chance.

Sometimes ignorance is a blessing as I had no previous experience in either online retail, or the footwear business, but as the business exploded in the summer of 2006, I learnt fast, and by the end of 2007 we were the largest, independent retailer of Crocs in Europe.

Having divested myself of the business in 2009, I have been wondering what I should do next, and, via a somewhat circuitous route I now find I am doing the whole Crocs thing again.

Why? you may ask. Simple reason, I think the products are fantastic. I realise that there is a bit of a marmite, love them, hate them thing with Crocs, but whatever you may say about their looks, no one can deny how supremely comfortable they are, nor how practical.

I am back for the long term, and I hope you will join me. Please let me know what you think about the site, offering and so on.

As with the first incarnation, I am firmly committed to maintaining as much communication as possible, and I look forward to having an open and honest conversation with all my/our friends.


We no longer sell just Crocs but have begun to increase our range of brands and styles of smart casual shoes with more exciting brands being added all the time. 

If you'd like to visit our shop you can find us at 66 High Street, Totnes TQ9 5SQ