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Crocs Specialist


Cool colours, a little personalisation and TONS of comfort—all things you expect from Crocs™ shoes, but not from shoes for work. Well, Crocs™ Specialist gives you all this and more. The new, professional styling of Crocs™ Specialist results in the ultimate comfy shoe for the workplace.

These casual work shoes were designed to meet workplace standards. Crocs™ Specialist is based on Crocs™ original clog design, but with a closed heel and closed toe design. Crocs’ exclusive croslite™ material conforms to your foot creating a custom fit. To ensure all-day comfort, we beefed up the arch support and included footbed circulation nubs to stimulate blood flow in your feet. A loose fit that allows your foot to bend and expand naturally results in ergonomic shoes. You may want to wear them even on your day off. Other workplace-friendly features of Crocs™ Specialist include:

  • Thicker metatarsal area to help protect the top of your foot.
  • Simple to sterilise and clean in water and bleach.

You can personalise your Crocs™ Specialist with Jibbitz™ shoe charms on the straps. Combining comfort, personalisation and a wide colour selection makes Crocs™ Specialist one of the most unique work shoes available.

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