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Hey Dude Wally Washed Mud

The Wally Washed Mud features a stone-washed upper making the canvas softer and giving it a relaxed ‘worn’ look which is exaggerated with wear and after washing. The Ridgelight sole and relaxed wide fit guarantee that this will be one of the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear.

Unlike our other Wallys which can be worn as either lace-up or slip-on, the Wally Washed is designed with shorter woven laces to be worn solely as a slip-on for relaxed wide comfort. As ever, this style is also supplied with elasticated laces to offer you the choice between the classic Wally look or the woven lace design. Instead of being tied, the fit is adjusted by knotting the laces on either side as shown.

A very jeans-appropriate shoe, the Wally Washed is also great to wear with shorts. It gives the impression of a narrower shoe but maintains a relaxed wide fit for extra comfort. The shoe has a leather-lined, removable, memory foam insole, allowing it to be worn barefoot without collecting the bacteria which leads to odour. The insole can be wiped clean and the shoe put into a cold machine wash. Yet another great shoe for everyday use, very light, very comfortable and great for packing on holiday.

The Dude Shoes design philosophy combines traditional Italian shoe design and revolutionary sole technology to create the funkiest, comfiest shoes straight out of the box.

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